Friday, October 18, 2019

Time for Another Morning Glory Update!

It may be almost winter here, but I'm still enjoying some flowers! So far, 'Star of India' is still my best flower producer. I actually wished I'd waited until later in the day to publish my last MG post, because this flower really started to do some wonderful things as the day progressed! 

It was a chilly, drizzly day, and by early afternoon I noticed that the flower was turning a bright pink where the raindrops landed! 

An hour or so later, it had changed color completely!


Since then I've had lots of beautiful surprises. Sometimes I've had as many as 10 flowers open in one morning! 

Every flower is unique...


The plants took up their permanent residence indoors a couple weeks ago. 

I am going to have to try growing Ipomoea pubescens again next summer. It doesn't seem to like being inside...despite having numerous buds, this was the only one to open, and it didn't even open fully! The rest of the buds have since dried up, although the plant still looks fairly healthy.  

Sadly, I don't have very good reports on most of the MG plants I started back in July. Many of them just seemed to sulk in the lower light conditions indoors and slowly faded away. But I don't regret the experiment because I've learned a lot and have a pretty good idea of what to do differently next time!  Perhaps, to thrive in low light conditions, the plants need to be grown that way from the start. 

I have had a few pretty flowers from 'Red Dragon Leaf' although I fear that today's is the last as Nastya has selected that particular pot to be her bed and the poor plant has really taken a beating! 

And who can get mad at her when she looks like this?? 😸

But I do have more good news! The second batch of MGs which I started in August, have been doing very well growing on a windowsill in another building, away from the pussies! So that's where they're going to stay, and most likely where I'll be raising my plants from now on, at least until (hopefully!) the Bengals settle down a bit!  These plants are less vigorous, having been grown mostly indoors, but the low light has already encouraged lots of budding! 

This morning I decided that 'Midnight Illusion' looked like a prime candidate for the Japanese pruning method, so I snipped back the vining stem. There are three buds left on the plant...I'm hoping they will all bloom at the same time, and be larger as a result of the pruning. Of course, after the bloom, I'll let the plant continue to grow and produce more buds! 

This has been a fun learning experience, and despite the disappointments, I feel like I'm making progress and hope to be enjoying these flowers all winter long!  😊


  1. I had a morning glory come up in one of my planters. I guess it was a wild mg, because I did not plant it. It wound itself around my railings on my steps. Then it started blooming. That is when I knew it was a mg. I just hope it comes back next year. It truly was a surprise for me. I almost pulled it out of the pot of another plant, but, something told me not to. I'm glad I didn't because was a great surprise. Marilyn in Florida

    1. What a wonderful surprise, Marilyn! I wish they grew wild up here. Even the purpureas don't self-sow themselves in my garden...I guess the winters are just too cold! We do have bindweeds in the fields though, which I think are quite pretty. :)

  2. Replies
    1. And so many different shades too! :) I especially like the deep blue MGs.

  3. Cute kitty. She feels hidden. Have you thought of putting a shop light over them with the T34 bulbs. Takes 2. I have the old T12 kind still but violets, gesnariads and others do well under
    lights. They hardly pull any electric. Give them a high middle number fertilizer to produce bloom. I have mine on a timer. Comes on and shuts off in 12 hours. You can set for what you want. Can't wait to try mine. Amazing how rain affected the bloom. Veleria

    1. If it weren't for the kitties I might invest in something like that. I know others who have had great success growing them just under artificial lights. But as it is the lighting seems to be the lesser of my problems. :D

  4. Beautiful blossoms! Your kitty likes to be one with Nature, too. ;) I agree, it is hard to get mad at that sweet face. :D
    Looking forward to planting my MGs, but will wait for spring, I think.

    1. When I catch her sleeping in that pot I pretend not to see her and talk about how I need to water that plant! :D (I would never actually do that, though).
      I'm looking forward to being able to grow out all the different MG varieties I'm collecting next spring. I hope you enjoy yours! If all goes well I should have seeds from many of these I. nils to share next year... :)