Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Fading Autumn

Th' autumnal glories all have passed away;
  The forest-leaves no more in hectic red
Give glowing tokens of their brief decay,
  But scattered lie, or rustle at the tread,
  Like whispered warnings from the mouldering dead;  

The naked trees stretch out their arms all day,
  And each bald hill-top lifts its reverend head
As if for some new covering to pray.

  Come, WINTER, then, and spread thy robe of white
Above the desolation of this scene;         
  And when the sun with gems shall make it bright,
Or, when its snowy folds by midnight’s queen
  Are silvered o’er with a serener light,
We ’ll cease to sigh for summer’s living green.
                                                         ~Mrs. E. C. Kinney


  1. Very nice photos to accompany the poetry, Joanna. Hope that snowy picture is from last year and not today! ;)

    1. Thanks Eliza! :) Yes, that snowy pic is actually from a beautiful February morning 2 winters ago. It looks like we aren't going to get any snow at all this month. We did have some sleet a couple weeks ago, but normal snowfall in October is 2 inches!