Wednesday, September 18, 2019

The Last Pale Flowers

The last pale flowers are drooping on the stems,
The last searleaves are fluttering on the trees,
The latest groups of summer’s flying gems,
Are warbling forth their parting melodies.

The winds seem heavy-wing’d, and linger by,
Whispering to every pale and sighing leaf;
And sun-light falls all dim and tremblingly,
Like love’s fond farewell through the mist of grief.

There is a dreamy presence every where,
As if of spirits passing to and fro;
We almost hear their voices in the air,
And feel their balmy pinions touch the brow.

I oft have pray’d that death may come to me
In such a spiritual autumnal day;
For surely it would be no agony
With all the beautiful to pass away.
                                   ~Lydia Jane Peirson


  1. Lovely photos, but sad to say goodbye to all the green and flowers. Bittersweet!
    I sent you a couple of emails... did you get them? Perhaps you changed addresses?

    1. Yes indeed! We had 29 the last 2 nights...there was frost everywhere but surprisingly most of my plants survived, even the Castor Beans!
      I just replied to your emails. I hope it didn't seem like I was ignoring you...sorry about that! I had that email for sending out new blog posts from my old blog and haven't used it since, so who knows when I would have seen them if you hadn't told me! :D