Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Spring Garden Delights

"And the Spring arose on the garden fair,
Like the spirit of Love felt everywhere;
And each flower and herb on Earth's dark breast
Rose from the dreams of its wintry rest."

It's a raw, wet day here...we even saw some snowflakes this morning! But not to be discouraged by the weather, I am enjoying all the bright greens and soft colors of the new spring flowers in my gardens. I actually think these gloomy days bring out the colors more and I'm truly in love with my gardens right now! 😊

We didn't really have much accumulation this morning, but if you look closely you can see some snow on the leaves of the Mountain Bluet on the right...

Lots of fresh spring growth! 

Hyacinths are the highlight of my garden right now...

The Daffodils are just lovely!

But what happened to these?! These are the double-flowered Daffodils I bought at Walmart last fall. I'm extremely puzzled because almost every flower that has opened so far appears to be cut in half, either horizontally...

Or vertically!

Another one!

The Lovage is looking great!

St. John's Wort is my favorite for making oils and salves. The yellow flowers turn the oil a bright blood-red!

Some sugar-coated Catnip earlier this morning. This is a plant I grew from seed last year. 

Mint...I also started these from seed last year and they are already creeping out of their bed and preparing to take over the world! 😁

I love my Valerian! But I may have to weed out a lot of this summer's seedlings, as it also is becoming a little too eager to take over the garden! It's probably the most fragrant flower in my garden when in bloom...on cool humid days it perfumes the entire yard and I think it's delicious! I can't understand why people have such different opinions about it. I have a friend who said she could almost get drunk on the fragrance, while others compare it to dirty socks or diapers! I've never heard such varying opinions about Roses or Lilacs!

I'm excited to find some new Lupine plants popping up throughout the garden, looking like they will bloom this year!

Oregano and Wormwood...probably growing too close together! 😁

I'm glad to see the Lemon Balm coming back nice and seemed to have some difficulty recovering last spring but eventually made a full comeback. I think my garden is about at its northernmost limit.

Even the Rue is showing some signs of life. I really wasn't expecting it to survive our winter, but I guess it did have plenty of insulation!

In another week or two, the spring will be in its full glory! There is so much to look forward to! 😊


  1. It is amazing to me how quickly your garden catches up with our more southern ones. But I suppose more southerly bloggers say the same about mine. ;)
    Those daffs look like a bad lot. I think WM buys inferior plants on the cheap. Impulsively, I similarly bought some tulips from there to force and only two out of the 10 bloomed, the rest were all shriveled. John Scheepers is where I usually order and have been happy with their bulbs. For bulk orders in lots of 50/100+, I use Van Engelen, good prices and quality. I learned the hard way over the years that it pays to go with quality!
    It's good to have a few nice days in which to garden - I got half a bed edged this morning. Tough work, but must be done every spring or the gardens otherwise would disappear under a sea of grass. I'm anxious to get on with planting annuals, but must wait until things get a wee bit warmer.

    1. I guess it's a fast growing season with our long days. Things seem to be growing at a snail's pace this year though...I can't believe how chilly it has been! I was in PA over the weekend and it was so nice and warm down there. Everything was at least a month ahead of us. And when I got home yesterday it was only in the 40s here! :(
      I knew I wasn't getting the best with Walmart bulbs. I usually try to avoid buying from them (Scheepers is my favorite bulb source too!) but last fall I put off ordering for too long and it got too late. I think these big stores must just put out their seasonal things at the same time nationwide, regardless of the climate. Our Walmart starts putting out bareroots for frost tender plants in March. There's no way those poor things will still have any life in them by the time we can plant them!

  2. Love that hillside of Tulips. Could almost smell your hyacinths, love that fragrance. Here it is wet and muggy today.

    1. I keep saying there ought to be a way to record smells just as we can record and share sights and sounds! Wouldn't that be a wonderful thing for gardeners? 😁