Friday, May 31, 2019

And This is Human Happiness!

There is a gentler element, and man 
May breathe it with a calm unruffled soul,

 And drink its living waters till his heart 
Is pure.—And this is human happiness!

 Its secret and its evidence are writ
In the broad book of nature. 'Tis to have
Attentive and believing faculties; 

To go abroad rejoicing in the joy 
Of beautiful and well created things;

To love the voice of waters, and the sheen
Of silver fountains leaping to the sea;

 To thrill with the rich melody of birds 
Living their life of music; to be glad 
In the gay sunshine, reverent in the storm; 

To see a beauty in the stirring leaf
 And find calm thoughts beneath the whispering tree;

 To see, and hear, and breathe the evidence
 Of God's deep wisdom in the natural world!
                                             ~N. P. Willis


  1. Sweet poem and excellent photos, Joanna!

    1. Thanks Eliza! It is a beautiful poem...I found it the other day in one of my old books and had to share it. :) We are surrounded by so much beauty, if we only have the eyes to see!

  2. Joanna, that is beautiful! Thank you for sharing this.